Dave R. Johnson

Hi, my name is Dave R Johnson (Call me Dave). I've been avidly pursuing photography for a while now, shooting all kinds of pictures from macro to landscape. I've shot insects and flowers, cityscapes, landscapes and rusty farm equipment. You'll find that my subjects are varied and not confined to a specific genre. Most recently I've turned my attention to portraiture, drawn by the challenge of capturing human form and expression, but whether it's a bee on a flower or a city skyline my goal is to make a quality image.

If I've learned anything in this endeavor its that there is a significant difference between taking a snap shot and making an image. Creating a quality photograph is a process and one that I truly enjoy. I like balancing the technical and artistic elements of this discipline and then refining the resulting images in the digital dark room.

My goal is to create a compelling image. To compose with light, shape and shadow to create an interesting photograph.

I'm reluctant to call myself a professional photographer as I feel that is a "title" earned after one has built a significant body of work but in all photographic endeavors I will be conducting myself in a professional manner.

I would be pleased if you took a few minutes to peruse my work and I'd be glad for any comments you might like to make. Feel free to comment or make contact in email. I'll respond as soon as I'm able.

Thank you for stopping by,